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Content that Counts

Sparked Imaginations is about telling impactful, memorable stories. We craft specific, compelling messages around your story, stirring thought and driving action.


It doesn't take pure genius to know what pushes buttons. We're consumers, too. You have to know your audience, understand their pain points, and reach them in a way that builds confidence in what you do best.


What's done next separates success from wallpaper. We're experienced communicators...creative people. But we understand what drives business. By understanding the logical and visceral, we can better develop images that inspire…messages that stick…content that counts.


We create influential words, striking visuals, dynamic videos, and engaging events. The right medium at the right time delivering the your message.


It’s your story. Let's Spark the Imagination.

Meat on the bones


  • Web content ­– Good design draws them in…great content keeps them coming back

  • Marketing collateral – Communicate a compelling story…succinctly

  • Advertising – The hooks, taglines and creative twists that help your brand stand out

  • Feature stories – When you have a great story to share

  • Executive speeches – Position your executives as thought leaders in your industry

  • Video – Meaningful visuals and sound adding muscle to your story

  • Events – Entertaining and informing…in the moment

Translating the Brand…


Nobody knows your brand, your products and your services like you. But sometimes there’s a disconnect between the value proposition in your head and what is perceived by your prospects and customers. 


Sparked Imaginations has worked with clients in many industries – medical devices, banking, telecommunications, IT services, health care, manufacturing, entertainment, food service and more. We’re adaptable, flexible enough to understand new content, but committed to the craft of communicating clearly.


We’ll ask questions, get inside your head, understand your perspective. But just as importantly, we work to better understand the mindset of your customers and prospects. What market conditions are impacting buying decisions? Who is the key decision maker? What pain points can we address? We then develop content your audience can understand and believe. Content that creates a connection, addresses their needs, and better positions your brand during purchasing decisions. We develop content that counts. 

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