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What makes you sweat?

Those of you who know people labeled as “creative” or “writer” know that we typically suffer from over analysis of thoughts, concepts and phrases. We sweat over word choices, deliberate over titles and sub-titles, edit and re-edit, and always find a better way to say things after hitting the send button.

While this constant tweaking can be borderline obsessive, there are the blessings of creativity. Creative people see things differently. They eschew accepted norms and constraints, letting their imaginations take them away, dreaming up new thoughts, new concepts, sometimes new inventions, stories and cures. The creative person has a mind that is open wide, thriving on stimulus and inspiration, hoping they manifest themselves into the next best whatever-it-is-we’re-working-on.

But we have our demons, too. We’re the freaks, the weirdos that others don’t completely understand, the person at the green light lost in thought. Sadly, we’re often underemployed, unemployed, self-employed, and nearly always under paid. Our culture finds it difficult to understand our methods and often times our products, so we are not as valued as our predecessors were in other places and during other times. It’s okay. We are who we are. We’re used to it.

Sure, we’d rather be writing the Great American novel from the porch of our mountain resort or the deck of our schooner. But hey…have laptop, will travel. We create where we can, when we can, and we have a damn good time doing it. Too often, our creations are rejected. But there are times…oh those times…when the sweating pays off…when we strike a nerve, light a fire, spark the imagination!

Sparked Imaginations is the name of my business…a business focused on creating. This blog is a medium through which I will be sharing thoughts, insights and silliness on any number of topics from the world of business, technology, marketing, writing, sports and who-know-what else. Not all posts will be inspirational, but I’ll sweat through each one, revealing a little more about me. Take no offense, and for Pete’s sake don’t take this as anything more than one man’s opinion. An attempt to spark your imagination.

Welcome aboard, my friends.

Tim Condron is president and creative director of Sparked Imaginations. The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of any other entity, business, client or employer.

© 2014 Timothy J. Condron

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